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The Advocates’ Society – 10+ Committee

By Christine Vanderschoot

I am grateful to the 10+ Executive for accepting my application and appointing me to the prestigious The Advocates’ Society’s 10+ Committee. Specifically the 10+ Committee focuses on planning and implementing events for those with ten years or more of legal experience. Promoting the interests of mid-career advocates is just another great way I have discovered to participate in the work of the TAS.

It is an honour to have been selected, and moreso now that I have attended the first meeting and met my esteemed colleagues who also form part of the 10+ Committee.

For my clients, my appointment means that I will have access to a broader facet of legal resources; often, family law matters can overlap with other legal areas where specialized expertise is required.

Getting involved in the larger legal community outside of individual practice is important; opportunities for networking are an obvious reason, but perhaps more importantly, it gives the opportunity to actually meet and enjoy time with colleagues who form the multi-faceted and multi-talented Ontario and Canada-wide Bar.

And as the only family law lawyer on the Committee, I will strive to bring a different perspective to everything I do to ensure that all TAS members feel welcome and included.