Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm – Excellence in Family Law Mediation Services


Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm – Excellence in Family Law Mediation Services

For trusted advice, expertise, and experience in family law mediation services, negotiation or family court, you can count on Kelly D. Jordan and the legal team at Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. Kelly and her associates Emma Katz and Melissa Richa, specialize in all aspects of family law, including support, adoption, fertility, surrogacy, divorce, and separation. If you’re looking for a family law specialist, contact Kelly Jordan today!

Set Your Relationship Up for Success – Create a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement

Many couples are so excited to be starting a new life that they don’t think about some of the big picture questions that help hold a relationship together for the long term. Working through a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Agreement can help set your relationship up for success. Creating an agreement helps you open up the conversation with your partner regarding what assets you are bringing into the relationship (like heirlooms, a business, vacation property, or family home), and who will own the property should you separate. If you have children from a previous relationship and / or are paying support, the agreement can help protect them and ensure your new family is cared for as well. In addition, if either partner has debts, a marriage agreement can include provisions for the responsibility for those debts. The document can even outline how you will handle disputes – like engaging in family law mediation services. A lawyer can help guide you through the process of creating a marriage agreement (also called a prenuptial agreement) or cohabitation agreement. If you’ve drafted your own, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer review it before you sign. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Adoption, Surrogacy, IVF, and Assisted Reproduction – Get Expert Advice and Counsel

While most family lawyers can assist with domestic adoptions, Kelly Jordan also specializes in fertility law. Whether you are considering donating eggs or sperm, becoming a surrogate, or are parents looking into surrogacy, you should understand your legal rights and the rights of all parties involved in the process. A fertility lawyer can help you draft a document defining how a birth mother can be involved in a child’s life or try to protect their anonymity. They can advise you on fertility law in Canada surrounding the tricky areas of compensation for surrogates or the safety of sperm and egg donations. If you need a fertility lawyer, contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm today at 416-849-5501.

Divorce & Separation – Find Your Future

Though no one likes to think about it, some relationships break down. Separation and divorce mark both an ending and a new beginning. Competent, compassionate, and caring legal advice can help you navigate your divorce and move forward confidently. From drafting a separation agreement that helps you divide property, determine support, and protect your children, to finalizing your divorce when you are ready to move on, an experienced family lawyer can make the divorce proceedings easier and a lot less scary. Kelly Jordan offers family law mediation services, and can help you with negotiation, or even represent your interests if you need to go to court. Start your family law case online today.

Wills, Trusts & Estates – Protecting Your Assets, Protecting Your Future

If you have a family, own a home, condo or vacation property, and/or have retirement savings, you should have a will in place to set out how you wish your property to be settled after your death. From basic will drafting to complete estate planning, we can help ensure your wishes are met, and your assets are protected. You don’t have to be rich to benefit from an estate plan – a proper estate plan can make it simpler to transfer your assets and make sure your inheritors don’t pay too much in taxes.

If you are acting as executor for an estate, we can give you advice to help make the process easier.

We can also help you set up end-of-life care with a health care Power of Attorney that sets out your medical care wishes.

When Experience Matters, Choose the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

Family law touches on the most important things in your life. You want an experienced family lawyer to help make your wishes possible. Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm to get started with your family law matters.

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