Family Dispute Lawyer for Your Separation or Divorce?


Family Dispute Lawyer for Your Separation or Divorce?

When you are separating or divorcing, you may need a family dispute lawyer. In family law, disputes can be settled in many ways. You can litigate – or go to court – to settle your disputes in front of a judge. You can choose to negotiate together with lawyers to try to come to an agreement. Or you can choose to mediate with a third party to find a resolution. In any scenario, your best option is to have an experienced family dispute lawyer on your side, to help ensure any agreement you reach is in your best interests. Family law matters can be complicated. The family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm is here to help.

Focusing Exclusively on Family Law

As Toronto family lawyers, our team focuses exclusively on family law. Family law covers a wide range from marriage agreements (prenups) and cohabitation agreements, to adoption, separation and divorce. We draw up wills and can help you build an estate plan, complete with Powers of Attorney for medical and financial decisions. But much of our time is spent helping families navigate disputes in family court, including parenting agreements, property division, support, and other financial issues.

Family Dispute Lawyer for Parenting Agreements

If you are separating and have children, one of your first concerns will be to create a Parenting Agreement. A parenting agreement outlines how you will make decisions on behalf of your children, and how you will share time with your children. These are incredibly emotional decisions for many. They want what is best for their family, but cannot agree on what best is.

And once a Parenting Agreement is made, what happens if the stipulations are not met? Perhaps one parent takes the children on an impromptu vacation without notifying the other. Maybe you wish for your children to spend more time with you, and are looking to revise the Agreement. Regardless of the reason for your family dispute, you may need an experienced lawyer to help you successfully argue your case. Reach out to the team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm for help. Our family dispute lawyers have the experience and creative legal thinking to help you with your case. Call us at 416-849-5501 to get started.

Family Dispute Lawyer for Child or Spousal Support

Support can be another contentious issue in family law cases. And an experienced family dispute lawyer can help. First they can help negotiate the appropriate amount of support for the circumstances in your case. They can also help you if that support is not paid. While many times small issues can be settled out of court, at times the challenges can be so great that going to family court is the only way to achieve resolution. The family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm boasts a solid record arguing cases in family court. You can count on their legal experience to guide you through your family dispute.

Family Dispute Lawyer for Property Division

Who owns the home after your divorce or separation? Who keeps the pets? Are you entitled to a portion of your former spouse’s pension? These are all difficult issues to navigate in family law. Although married couples are entitled to an equal share of property, your understanding of equal or fair may not match the law’s definition. Plus, you can’t easily divide a family pet. In addition, the rules around property division differ greatly for common law couples. You need a good family dispute lawyer to help you understand your rights, and help you get the settlement you deserve. Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm to start your family law case today.

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