Why Might You Need a Family Law Attorney?


Why Might You Need a Family Law Attorney?

Why Might You Need a Family Law Attorney?There are many reasons why you could need a family law attorney. Divorce and child custody arrangements are the ones that come to mind for most people. However, several other life events could require the services of a family law attorney, including prenuptial agreements, wills, reproductive agreements, or any issue involving family relationships. Paternity, emancipation, inheritance, and adoption are also included in the types of cases that family law attorneys can handle. If you need a family law attorney or have questions about your right regarding a family law matter, give us a call and talk to a family law lawyer.  

Protect Yourself When Using Assisted Reproduction

Many couples struggle with having children and eventually turn to reproductive technology or fertility treatments as an alternative. These couples or same-sex couples who wish to adopt or have a child may look for a surrogate to help. A family law firm that is knowledgeable about adoption and reproductive law can help you get the agreements and contracts in place to adequately protect your rights. Contact us, and let's talk about your situation to find out how we can help.   

Family Law Mediation Could be the Answer

When a divorce is imminent or other family relationships break down to the point where there are legal issues, family law mediation could answer the problem. Family law mediation gives all sides the power to bring relevant information to the table to reach an agreement without litigation. Family courts are over capacity and are slow at moving cases through. Mediation services are much faster and often result in an outcome that is more favourable to everyone involved. 

Has a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Recommended Mediation?

The new changes to the Divorce Act that came into effect in March 2021 mandate that divorce lawyers counsel their clients on the benefits of mediation and make them aware of mediation services available to them. A divorce lawyer near me will recommend mediation services as a good option and a great alternative to taking divorce cases to court. 

When to Get Help from an Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is not a task that should be left until later in life. In fact, an estate planning lawyer will tell you that planning for the future of your estate and ensuring that the plan stays up to date over the years is essential. Your financial situation may change, and relationships come and go, so your estate planning lawyer near me will ensure that your will reflects your most current situation and wishes. Book a consultation today to learn more about estate planning services. 

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