Divorce Mediation Attorney – Experienced in Family Law, Compassionate in Mediation


Divorce Mediation Attorney – Experienced in Family Law, Compassionate in Mediation

A divorce mediation attorney can help you resolve your disputes out of court. If the divorce mediation attorney is also a certified Family Law Mediator, they can lead your mediation sessions. If they are not trained in mediation, a divorce mediation attorney can review your agreement, and help guide you through the mediation and family court process.

If you’re looking for a divorce mediation attorney, choose the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. Our expert family law team is here to help. Our Principal, Kelly Jordan, is a certified family law specialist with more than two decades experience in family law. Kelly is also certified in Family Law Mediation. As a family law mediator, Kelly Jordan applies her creative legal thinking and vast expertise to present fair solutions that satisfy the needs of both parties. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Divorce Mediation Attorney: What is the Benefit of Mediation for Divorce?

Divorce can be stressful, especially if you need to argue your case in front of a court. The benefits of mediation for divorce or separation are many – generally mediated agreements take less time to resolve and are less expensive than agreements reached in court. Mediation also affords more privacy than appearing in court. Courts require documentation like financial disclosures to be made public. Many do not wish for certain information to be made public. In addition, participants often report being more satisfied with the outcome of a mediated agreement, because they feel they were able to play an active role in the process, and have their say. Interested in learning more? Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm for a consultation at 416-849-5501 or start your family law case with us online.

Is Mediation Only for “Simple” Divorce Cases?

If you ask an experienced divorce mediation attorney, they’ll likely have been through mediation with contested divorce, or even family violence. The truth is that mediation can be effective even in high conflict divorce cases. However it’s important in these cases that you have an experienced mediator who can guide both parties through the dispute. You can ask your divorce mediation attorney if they believe that mediation is right in your case.

What Happens if Mediation Doesn’t Work in My Case?

You may try mediation and not reach a resolution on all your disputes. In that case, your divorce mediation attorney can help you decide your next steps. You may choose to litigate. To go to court and have the court decide on the outstanding issues. You could also choose negotiation. In negotiation, you and your lawyer work with the other party and their representation to try to negotiate a satisfactory agreement. While in mediation, the two parties meet in the same room, in negotiation you can appear together, or be in separate areas if the disagreements are too strong to meet together. All family lawyers at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm are experienced at guiding clients through mediation, negotiation, and litigation in court. They can help you build your separation agreement and finalize your divorce.

Looking for an Uncontested Divorce?

What is the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce? It’s simple. In a contested divorce, the two parties disagree on aspects of their separation, like property division (who owns the home), parenting or support. In an uncontested divorce, there are no disagreements.

The reality is that even in the most amicable divorces, there are some disagreements. Your family lawyer or divorce mediation attorney can help advise you on what outcome you can expect in your case. Sometimes what seems fair to us is not fair in the eyes of the law. An experienced family lawyer can advise you of your rights, and help you find creative solutions to resolve your case. Start your family law case with the experienced lawyers at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm.

Experience, Compassion, and Understanding – When You Need It Most

Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm specializes in all aspects of family law, divorce, parenting, spousal support, child support, fertility law, surrogacy law, wills and estates. If you are looking for a resourceful and talented family lawyer/divorce mediation attorney for your separation or divorce, reach out to us for a consultation on your case.

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