Why Might You Need a Family Law Attorney?


Consider Mediation Instead of Family Court

hands shaking across a table - Kelly D Jordan - Rosedale mediation lawyerIf you are separated or on the path to getting a divorce in Ontario, your family lawyer will recommend the option of family law mediation to you. Considering mediation instead of family court is a good idea for many reasons. Divorce mediation is faster, cheaper, and tends to have better outcomes for the children and the divorcing parties. Kelly D. Jordan specializes in family law mediation and can help you determine whether mediation is the right path for resolving your divorce case. Give Kelly a call to book a consultation or start the process online.

Rosedale Mediation Lawyer - Trained to Get Results

Mediation lawyers are trained to guide clients through the mediation process to reach an agreement. The Rosedale mediation lawyer at Kelly D. Jordan Family Law firm regularly participates in training sessions to hone their mediation skills. Find out more about what a Rosedale mediation lawyer can do to help you reach a resolution to your dispute without a prolonged court battle.

Expanding the Definition of Family Violence in Family Law

Experts have agreed for a long time that family violence can take many forms and encompasses much more than physical violence. Recently, changes to Canada's Divorce Act recognized this reality and expanded the definition of what is considered family violence under the law. Any form of physical, verbal or emotional abuse is now recognized. In addition, indirect forms of violence, such as children seeing a family member intimidated, threatened or frightened by another family member, is now included in the definition. If you are experiencing family violence, find a safe place for your and your children. Then call a family lawyer to assist you in taking the next steps to remove yourself from the situation.

When to Call a Family Divorce Lawyer

Some people are hesitant to call a family divorce lawyer because they are concerned about the cost or that they will be encouraged to litigate their divorce in court. In fact, family divorce lawyers are required to inform you of the mediation options available to you before recommending court. Mediation costs much less, and you will likely end up settling your divorce more quickly. In the event that you do need to go to court, having a family divorce lawyer represent you is a much better option than trying to represent yourself. Read our blog about the risks of representing yourself in an Ontario family court.

Toronto Family Lawyer for Wills, Estate Planning and Divorce

Eventually, you'll need the services of a Toronto family lawyer, if not for a divorce case, then to help you through the process of creating a will and a comprehensive estate plan. Estate planning is one of those tasks that no one wants to participate in, but that is very important not to put off. If you have children or have built up significant wealth, are divorced or considering divorce, then you should also have an estate plan. A will and estate plan will ensure that everything you have accumulated throughout your lifetime ends up with the people you want to have it. Otherwise more than you would want could go to the government in the form of taxes paid or to people who may no longer be part of your life. An estate plan makes provisions for the care and welfare of your kids and makes it easier for your executor to ensure that your end-of-life wishes are carried out. Stop putting off estate planning and call Kelly D. Jordan, a family lawyer near me in Toronto, at 416-849-5501 to get the process started.

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