A Family Court Lawyer Can Help You Get the Best Outcome for Your Case


A Family Court Lawyer Can Help You Get the Best Outcome for Your Case

Family law is complex – a family court lawyer can guide you through that complexity and make sure your rights are protected. The key to family law is this – family law is a legal system, not a justice system. Everyone has their sense of justice, and they go into family court with an expectation of a “fair” outcome. But what is often missing is an understanding of how the law treats fairness. An experienced family court lawyer can provide advice to help you understand your rights, and guide your expectations.

At the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm, we don’t often talk about litigation. That’s because we know that negotiation and mediation often produce better outcomes for our cases. But not all cases can be settled out of court. And that’s where an experienced family court lawyer counts.

While laws have been written to try to treat spouses fairly, there are still areas – especially around property division – where family laws may not seem to be fair to both partners. A family court lawyer can and provide advice to help guide your expectations.

The goal of a separation or divorce is to come to an agreement about your future. How you will parent, how you will divide up your property and finances. The end result is a separation agreement or divorce order. The legal team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm has extensive experience representing their clients in court. Reach out to us today, or start your family law case online.

Consider Mediation and Negotiation Before Litigation

We have been trained to think of the legal system through the eyes of the court. In the news, films, and television we see criminal defense lawyers fighting for justice for their clients. A family court lawyer working with a mother or father to get custody of children. The truth is that much of the legal system takes place outside of court. In negotiations in boardrooms, and talking it out together around a mediation table.

Mediation Works – Even in High Conflict Cases

While not every family dispute can be resolved through mediation, many can – including even high-conflict divorce cases or cases involving family violence. In fact, research shows most feel that the mediation process provided them with a better outcome, while being less expensive than going to court. Why? Because mediation helps both parties find common ground. In high conflict cases, even if common ground cannot be found, participants are satisfied that they at least had their say and were able to stand up for themselves.

Many prefer mediation because the discussions, with a few exceptions, are private. In closed sessions, financial documents and discussions can be kept private. In court, details become a matter of record.

In mediation, both spouses work with a neutral third party to build agreement around parenting, finances, property division, and support. If approved by both parties, the outcome becomes the foundation for your separation agreement or divorce order.

Kelly D. Jordan is an experienced family law mediator – book a call with her to see if she is right for your case.

Consider Negotiation to Reach Agreement

Negotiation in many ways is similar to mediation. Both parties are trying to reach an agreement out of court. The difference is that there is no third-party mediator involved. Typically, negotiations are reached through discussion either face to face or remotely. Having a family lawyer present throughout the discussions can be very helpful. At minimum, both parties should have their own lawyer review any final agreement to ensure it is in their best interests. Interested in learning more? Call our offices at 416-849-5501 or send us an email to book an appointment.

The Challenges with Self-Representation

Increasingly, individuals are choosing to represent themselves in court rather than working with a family court lawyer. Whether that is due to money, or perhaps a perceived lack of complexity in your case, you should go into court understanding some of the challenges of self-representation.

Whether Negotiating, Mediating or Litigating, Choose the Best Family Court Lawyer for Your Case

The best lawyer for your case is one who you feel understands your case and advises you on an approach that feels comfortable for you. The lawyers at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm can help you with mediation, negotiation, collaborative law, and litigation. We approach your case with compassion and understanding, and work with you to build an outcome that will provide the foundation for your future. Should you need a family court lawyer, we will stand by your side, giving you confidence that you will achieve the best possible outcome. Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm today.

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