Family law mediation is a process in which a family law mediator helps couples settle their dispute outside of court by finding solutions that adhere to the best interests of both parties. Book a free 10 minute call with Kelly Jordan, our family law mediator, to see if she is a good fit for your mediation needs.

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Family Law Mediation Services

As a family law mediator, Kelly Jordan uses her creative strategic thinking, legal expertise and vast family law experience to present her clients with fair solutions that satisfy the needs of both parties.

After decades of helping families through divorce, Kelly understands the emotional trauma that is felt by both sides. She is level-headed, humane and wise in her handling of delicate family matters, and strives to resolve the case in a way that benefits the family as a whole. Within the umbrella of our mediation services, Kelly Jordan handles issues such as parenting, finances, division of property, child support, spousal support and any other matter pertaining to family law.

Kelly believes that mediation is the better dispute resolution method for families. It allows for couples to have better control of their own case. It also requires both parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, which means that they are more likely to adhere to the terms they have set for themselves.

Kelly recognizes that there is a need amongst her clients for such a service, and has thus committed to training and educating herself in order to provide the best mediation to families she works with. Kelly’s emotional intelligence, legal know-how and the fact that she always puts the needs of the children first make her an understanding yet effective mediator.

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