New Divorce Act Recommends Family Law Mediation Services


New Divorce Act Recommends Family Law Mediation Services

Wills and Estates, Divorce mediation - Mediation services for DivorceIn March 2021, changes to Canada's Divorce Act came into effect. Several new requirements were added, including one that mandates divorce layers to inform their clients about family law mediation services. Mediation services ensure that both parties can fully participate in the divorce process. Find a divorce lawyer who specializes in mediation services in Toronto. Call us or submit a request on our website for a consultation to find out more about mediation services. 

Divorce Mediation Makes Everything Easier

The new Divorce Act aims to help keep family law matters like divorce and child custody out of the busy family court system. Divorce mediation does this by allowing people to discuss and negotiate an agreement that is satisfactory to everyone and in the best interest of the children. Issues such as parenting agreements, which school kids should attend, and other concerns like property division can all be settled through divorce mediation.  

A Divorce Lawyer Near Me - Kelly D. Jordan

In Toronto, a divorce lawyer near me can help you navigate the process of establishing a separation and parenting agreement. Choose a divorce lawyer near me that has experience as a family law facilitator and specializes in family mediation. Learn more about family law mediation and whether it can work for you on our website, or call us for a consultation.  

When Do You Need a Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys do more than handle divorce cases and child custody cases. They can help with estate planning and writing wills. Family Law attorneys also write fertility contracts and agreements such as surrogacy agreements. If you are planning to use reproductive technology or to undergo fertility treatments or looking to adopt a child, a family law attorney specializing in reproductive law will ensure that your rights are protected. 

Plan Ahead With an Estate Planning Lawyer Near Me

Planning for the future is a difficult subject for many people. However, planning for the future of your estate when you are gone is important. Estate planning ensures that your wishes are known to your survivors and that any assets you own are distributed as you have intended. An estate planning lawyer near me will guide you through writing a comprehensive will and can also assist the executor of your estate with the many steps that need to be completed after you are gone. 

Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto

At our law firm, our team of family lawyers, led by Kelly D. Jordan, aims to help you through family law issues with compassion, respect and expertise. Kelly and her team are skilled and experienced in family law mediation and litigation. Contact us today by calling 647-277-5112 or filling out the form on our website. 

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