What Does the Best Lawyer for Family Law Do?


What Does the Best Lawyer for Family Law Do?

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Family Law covers all of the legal matters that have to do with family relationships. This includes separation and divorce, parenting agreements, fertility law, estate planning and much more. The best lawyer for family law will specialize in the area of family law that pertains to your case. When you first meet to discuss your case, the best lawyer for family law should take the time to fully understand your situation. Kelly D Jordan is a lawyer for family law who listens to your case without judgement and uses her vast family law experience, her creative approach to legal strategy and her compassion to make a difference to the families she works with.

Get through Your Divorce with Family Mediation

Divorce is one of the most stressful life events you can experience. Get through it more easily with family mediation rather than attempting to litigate your case in court. Family court is slow, and the final costs are often much higher than family mediation. In addition, all parties involved in family mediation tend to be more satisfied with the results than they would be in a divorce settled in court. When there is less animosity, it's easier to move on. Children also benefit from family mediation as it proves to them that their parents can work together to do what is best for the children. If you are facing a separation or divorce, get in touch with us to speak to family mediator Kelly D. Jordan.

Family Dispute Mediation Gets Better Results

When divorce cases, parenting disagreements or custody battles end up in court, the outcome is often not what either side ideally wanted. The time permitted to present arguments and the nature of the court process means that there are often issues not taken into account in a court decision. This is the benefit of family dispute mediation in which all parties have the opportunity to have their say to the mediator, and the resolution is often arrived at by negotiation rather than a decision. Find out more about the benefits of family dispute mediation on our blog.

How Can an IVF Lawyer Help you Grow Your Family?

In Canada, the laws governing the use of eggs and sperm for assisted reproductive technologies are complex and open to some interpretation. For members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, this is especially true. Kelly D. Jordan is an IVF lawyer who can help you with the appropriate contracts and legal considerations for obtaining and using donated sperm or eggs. Read our recent blog article on three ways an IVF lawyer can help you start or expand your family.

Now That You Have Kids Talk to an Estate Planning Lawyer

When children are in the picture, estate planning is more important than ever. Without a comprehensive will or estate plan, a greater share of your assets may end up going to the government rather than to your children. An estate planning lawyer will assess your assets and come up with a tax-friendly way to disperse them according to your wishes when you are gone. Don't put it off, call an estate planning lawyer in Toronto to help you prepare your plan and write your will.

Your Family Law Firm in Toronto - Kelly D. Jordan

Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm has been serving clients in the Toronto area for more than 10 years. Kelly and her professional staff are trained family law mediators. They can help with any family law matter, including cohabitation and marriage agreements, adoption, fertility and assisted reproduction, separation and divorce. Call 416-849-5501 or submit the form on our website to get in touch.

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