Contact Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm – For Mediation in Your Divorce Case


Contact Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm – For Mediation in Your Divorce Case

If you are separating or divorcing you may need a lawyer to help you understand and protect your rights – whether you choose negotiation or mediation in your divorce case, or if you need to go to court. Family law covers a wide range of rights and responsibilities, and the outcome can affect the rest of your life. You want an experienced lawyer on your side. Kelly Jordan and the team of family lawyers at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

Various Approaches to Family Law – Negotiation, Mediation, Litigation

While on television and in movies, we often see family law cases – like divorce, support, custody – playing out in the courts, there are a variety of approaches you can take to resolve your family dispute. The following is a brief outline of the three main dispute resolution processes.

Mediation in Your Divorce Case

If you choose mediation in your divorce case, you can work directly with a family lawyer trained in mediation (like Kelly Jordan) to find common ground, and build a separation or divorce agreement. When you choose mediation, each partner should also seek a lawyer to review the agreement prior to finalizing it. You will want to ensure that any agreement is in your best interests and represents a fair deal for you and your family. Mediation is preferred by some as it allows for open lines of communication and can be a less expensive approach to resolving your disputes. Start your mediation case with Kelly today.

Negotiation in your Divorce Case

Negotiation is another popular choice to keep your divorce case out of court. In negotiation, both parties can sit in the same room, in separate rooms, or even meet by phone or video call. Smaller issues can be worked out by email. Typically, both parties are represented by their own independent lawyers. Like in mediation, they work together to resolve issues and craft an agreement. The only difference is that mediation involves a neutral third party, whose job it is to find areas of common ground. Contact us to learn more about negotiation for your divorce case.

Litigation for your Divorce Case – When You Need to Go to Court

Although negotiation and mediation are excellent approaches to family law, many cases must still go to court. Why?

  • Sometimes negotiation and mediation can only get the parties close to an agreement, with some issues still to be resolved in court.
  • Sometimes there is too great a divide between the two parties to resolve issues out of court.
  • There may be issues of family violence, intimidation, or abuse that mean that negotiation and mediation is not the best choice.

For more than two decades,  Kelly has been a leader in the practice of family law in Toronto, as former Chair of the Family Law sections of the Canadian Bar Association and Ontario Bar Association. Kelly and her team of associates strive to find creative solutions to legal challenges, while striving to find the best possible outcome for their clients.

Unlike some lawyers who practice family law on the side, Kelly is a dedicated family law specialist. Certified Specialists are leaders in their field – currently there are only 60 lawyers listed as Certified Specialists in Family Law in Ontario. Contact our offices or start your family law case online today!

What happens when you need to go to Family Court?

In Ontario, family law cases can be heard in three different courts – the Family Court Branch of the Superior Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Justice. It’s important that you first understand which court you need to appear in and how to start your case. If you engage a lawyer, they will of course advise you, help you file necessary court documents, and send you information on when and where you may need to appear.

Although you can represent yourself in family court, it can be a challenge to understand the process, ensure you are saying the right thing, and potentially losing a case on a technicality.

Hiring a lawyer can save you a lot of time and frustration, and potentially result in a better outcome. Want to know more? Call our offices at 416-849-5501, or start your family law case online.

For Experience in Mediation, Negotiation, and Litigation, Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

Whether you’re interested in mediation in your divorce case, want to hire a lawyer experienced in negotiation, or need a lawyer to represent you in court, Kelly Jordan and her team of professional associates are ready to take on your case. Their understanding of the law will provide confidence, while their compassion will put you at ease. Reach out to the office to learn more or book a consultation.

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