If You are Searching for a “Separation Mediator Near Me,” We are Here to Help


If You are Searching for a “Separation Mediator Near Me,” We are Here to Help

If you are searching for a “separation mediator near me,” you may want to contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. Kelly Jordan is a trained family law mediator with years of experience managing separation and divorce cases. The goal of a divorce mediator is to listen to both sides and help them come to an agreement on how they will divide their property, spousal support and how they will continue to care for their children. 

What about a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto for Family Dispute Resolution?

If you need a divorce lawyer in Toronto for family dispute resolution, reach out to the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. A good resource when you need a divorce lawyer in Toronto is the Family Justice area of the Ministry of the Attorney General. It provides information on what you need to know to file a divorce application. Whether you want to litigate or mediate, we have the experienced lawyers you need to get the best outcome for you and your family. Divorce can be complicated and expensive. You’ll want the advice of a good divorce lawyer to make sure your rights are protected in court. Before you go straight to a divorce lawyer, however, have you thought of pursuing family law mediation?

Family Law Mediation vs. Litigation

Family Law Mediation is a proven technique to save time and money. Cases that use family law mediation are settled out of court, often with a fixed fee for the family law mediation services. 

Family Law Mediation is also more private than litigation in court. Papers filed as part of court documents become part of the public record, meaning private details like your income could be revealed. In closed family law mediation sessions, your documents and discussions are private and only a few can be revealed in court.

Even if you choose family law mediation, it is a good idea to have a lawyer review your settlement before you sign it. 

Kelly Jordan – Divorce Mediator Trained in Family Law Mediation

As a divorce mediator, Kelly Jordan taps into her years of family law experience and her legal expertise to help her clients find creative and fair solutions to their family dispute resolution issues. Kelly understands how difficult divorce can be on families. She works hard to find solutions that benefit the entire family. 

Regardless of the issue – parenting, finances, child support, spousal support – Kelly brings both compassion and experience to the table. 

Although she is considered a top divorce lawyer in Toronto, Kelly strongly believes mediation is the better route for family dispute resolution. Kelly knows that it provides couples with more control over their case, and often ends in both parties being satisfied with the agreement.

Court Mediation Services

If you are looking for information on court mediation services, family mediation services are available at Family Courts across Ontario. Arrangements can be made for both on-site and off-site mediation services.

Creating a Parenting Agreement

A parenting agreement is separate from child support or a custody arrangement. A Parenting Agreement helps define how you will raise any children you had as a couple before you separated. A parenting agreement typically includes living arrangements and parenting time (access to children) and agreements on the rules you will follow when raising your children. A parenting agreement can include information on education, vacations, medical care, and how you will resolve disagreements over parenting styles. 

I’m Thinking Of Becoming A Surrogate – What Do I Need To Know?

If you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate, or want to find a surrogate, you should have a clear understanding of the legal issues before you act. Surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation is legal in Canada. However, you cannot be paid for becoming a surrogate. Nor can you be paid for arranging for another person to become a surrogate. Before you enter into any arrangement, be sure to have a surrogacy agreement to clarify your intentions and expectations.

Kelly D. Jordan, is an experienced fertility lawyer, who can assist you in all aspects of contract negotiation and preparation if you are interested in becoming a surrogate.

When you search for a “Separation Mediator Near Me,” Choose the Best Family Law Firm

Before you Google “separation mediator near me,” reach out to the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law firm for a consultation on your case. We are considered by many to be one of the best family law firms in Toronto. Kelly Jordan and our team of experienced family law professionals are here to guide you through all your family law needs.

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