If You Need an Experienced Family Attorney, You Need the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm


If You Need an Experienced Family Attorney, You Need the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

Selecting a family attorney from some of the best family lawyers in Toronto can be a difficult choice. Family law matters are complex – separation, divorce, child support, spousal support, adoption, marriage agreements, cohabitation, even wills and estates – family law touches on all aspects of your life. When you’re looking for a family attorney, you want someone who you can trust to care for your most personal and private matters. That’s why you should reach out to the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm.

A combination of experience, drive, compassion, and creativity, our family law team not only excels in their knowledge of the law, they truly care about their clients. They make every effort to understand their clients’ needs, and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome in every case.

Family Attorney for Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

When couples disagree, it’s often about finances, parenting, or their future plans. In planning for their weddings, many couples get caught up in the relationship, but don’t necessarily stop to talk about the big picture of their relationship. Couples who live together may enter a common law marriage without even stopping to think about the consequences.

That’s why it’s a great idea to visit a family attorney to create a marriage agreement or cohabitation agreement. Taking this step provides the opportunity for you to plan your lives as a couple. You can talk about how you will manage your finances. Who is responsible for debt incurred prior to – or even during - the relationship. If a family cottage will be split with your spouse, or be passed down within the original family. How the income from any assets you own will be divided if the relationship ends.

The family law attorneys at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm have a wealth of experience creating and reviewing marriage agreements and cohabitation agreements. They understand the legal nuances between how the law treats married couples and couples in a common law relationship. And they can help protect your rights when you are entering a relationship or separating from it. Call us at 416-849-5501, or contact us online to talk with a family attorney about your situation.

Attorney for Separation or Divorce

Of course, most people understand the need for a family attorney when you’re considering separation or divorce. It’s critical that you have an experienced family law attorney at your side in family court. Why? Because study after study has shown the risks of self-representation in family court.

But even outside of court, it’s good to have a family attorney at your side. An experienced family law attorney can skillfully represent you in a negotiation with your ex. And it’s practically a must to have your mediated separation and parenting agreements reviewed by a qualified family attorney. Separation and divorce are moments that will change your life forever. You want to be confident you are making the right choices. That’s why we believe you should contact one of our family law attorneys to consult on your case.

Attorney for Wills and Estates

Another place a family attorney can help you is in creating your will, powers of attorney and estate plans. Despite what you may think, an estate plan isn’t just for the massively wealthy. A solid estate plan can help ensure you pass your property down to the people you wish, minimizing red tape and tax implications. Having powers of attorney in place can ensure you are taken care of should you be unable to care for yourself. And a will, of course, lays out how you wish your money and other property will be passed down after your death. You can trust one of the experienced family attorneys at our firm to handle life’s most important moments. Skillfully, efficiently, and expertly. Ready to create or update your will or powers of attorney? Contact us today.

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