What Can a Property Division Mediator Do?


What can a property mediation lawyer do?

Property division cases can easily become contentious and end up in court, costing you much more in time and money. However, a property division mediator may be able to help you reach an agreement without the need to take further legal action. Get the help of a property division mediator to ensure that you can arrive at an equitable settlement of all assets during a divorce. Call Kelly D. Jordan Family Law firm to find out more about the process and what a property division mediator can do for you.  

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto

Managing a divorce is difficult for everyone. Choose a divorce lawyer in Toronto that you are comfortable with and trust to work in your best interest and that of your family. New changes to the Divorce Act in Canada took effect in March 2021, making it necessary for a divorce lawyer in Toronto to make clients aware of mediation options in settling a divorce. The use of mediation is recommended for all aspects of divorce, including property division and parenting agreements. 

Parenting Agreements - Do What's Best for the Kids

Other changes to the Divorce Act deal with parenting agreements and custody arrangements. Ultimately, all decisions must be made in the best interest of the child. Sometimes other family law matters could affect custody and parenting decisions. These must all be considered when drafting parenting agreements. Get in touch with us for compassionate and professional help with divorce and parenting agreements.   

A Simpler Option - Family Mediation

Thinking that the only way to settle a matter of family law in Toronto such as the settlement of a loved one's estate or divorce is in court? There is a simpler option available than prolonged court battles. Family mediation can help quickly and efficiently solve many family disputes. Find a family lawyer that is a certified specialist in family law to help. 

Need to Write a Will? Contact an Estate Planning Lawyer

Leaving a will makes the process of settling your estate after your death much easier for the people left to handle your affairs. An estate planning lawyer can help you ensure that all of the proper documentation is completed and that your estate can be disposed of in the most tax-efficient way possible. Call us and speak to an estate planning lawyer who can help you get the paperwork started and make the whole process simple and comfortable. 

Kelly D Jordan - Family Law Attorney

Kelly D. Jordan is a certified specialist in family law attorney. Kelly and her team of family lawyers can assist you in matters pertaining to fertility and adoption, separation and divorce, parenting and custody agreements, wills, estate planning and execution and more. Call our office at 647-277-5023 or submit the form below to ask questions and get started.   

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