Mediation in Divorce Cases – Reduced Time, Decreased Costs, Increased Satisfaction


Mediation in Divorce Cases – Reduced Time, Decreased Costs, Increased Satisfaction

More and more people are choosing mediation in divorce cases. Why? There are many reasons. Often because they have very few issues to resolve, and want to separate quickly and amicably. But mediation in divorce cases isn’t just for “simple” divorces or separations. Mediation has been shown to be highly beneficial even in cases of domestic violence or high conflict divorces. Mediation can be a better dispute resolution method for families. Mediation allows both parties to come to the table, to communicate openly, and work together to come to a mutually-beneficial agreement. Time and time again, mediation has been shown to reduce time to resolve cases, decrease court and legal fees, and result in higher satisfaction with the outcome of cases. The Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm has trained mediators to work with you through the mediation process. Their lawyers can also provide advice on your mediated agreement, to help you ensure the settlement is in your best interest. Interested in learning more about mediation in divorce cases? Contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm.

Divorce Cases – Communication is Key

There are many benefits of mediation in divorce cases. Why does mediation work so well? Well, the truth is, it doesn’t in every case. But when it does work, it’s because of communication. When couples decide to separate or divorce, there can be a lot of built-up anger and frustration. In many cases, communication has broken down. Mediation allows both parties to communicate openly. To find areas of common ground, and to focus on finding solutions to areas of disagreement.

This makes mediation a faster resolution process than going through the courts. It’s also typically easier on families, and can help you move on quicker. It’s easy to hold on to the hurt and pain – especially through an adversarial process like the courts. When mediation in divorce cases is chosen, you have the opportunity to have your say, allowing you to let go of some of that pain.

You might think that’s all fine and good for amicable divorce cases, but it won’t work in high-conflict divorces. That’s one of the misconceptions about mediation in divorce cases. Learn more about Family Law Mediation and start your mediation case online with the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm.

Mediation in High Conflict Divorce Cases

High conflict divorces can be tricky. There are reasons for a divorce, and those reasons create conflict, regardless of how amicable people want to be. The challenge can be one-sided, like a partner who is controlling, has substance abuse issues or mental health issues. Perhaps both parties have become hostile to each other over time. In some instances, the only way both partners now communicate is through conflict. Some may feel that the only way to get satisfaction is to fight it out in court.

But that’s not always true. When handled properly, mediation can be beneficial in even high conflict divorces.

How? Because during mediation, the people involved have a role in the outcome of their cases. This is different from court, where the judge can impose an outcome. An experienced family law mediator will open the lines of communication and help the people involved find areas of common ground.

Want proof? The Canadian Bar Association compared four different dispute resolution processes for family law conflicts – litigation (going to court), negotiation, collaborative law and mediation. The study found that mediation typically achieved quicker results with lower costs – even in high conflict divorce cases. Even better? Satisfaction with the mediated outcome was more than three times higher in most areas ranked than cases litigated in court. Interested in mediation for your separation or divorce? Call the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm at 647-277-4979 to get started with your case.

Kelly D. Jordan – Recognized Expertise for Family Law Mediation

Kelly D. Jordan is a specialist in family law, and a trained family law mediator. She has been recognized by her peers as a “Best Lawyer” for her expertise in both family law and family law mediation. Associate Emma Katz has also been recognized as Best Lawyer in Family Law and has recently completed mediator training. For excellence in negotiation, litigation, collaboration, and mediation in divorce cases, start your family law case with the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm today.

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