Family Dispute Mediation for Co-Parenting Arrangements


Family Dispute Mediation for Co-Parenting Arrangements

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In co-parenting situations, a parenting plan is an excellent idea to help prevent disputes over decisions that affect children. Family dispute mediation can be used to settle disputes that may still arise even when parenting plans are in place. Family dispute mediation in Toronto helps parents work together to come to an agreement that works in the best interest of their children. Sometimes amendments to the parenting plan need family dispute mediation with a family dispute mediator in order to make the changes. In other cases, a situation that is not addressed by the parenting plan may require family mediation.

Mediation in Divorce is Just Easier 

Divorce cases don't necessarily have to end up in court. In fact, it is recommended that they do not. Divorce lawyers must inform their clients about the options for mediation in divorce. You can avoid a lot of the cost and undue stress with mediation in divorce. Mediation is a structured and guided process that allows resolving a divorce in a cooperative rather than combative process. 

Legal Mediation Services - Alternative to Court

Family courts were overloaded even before the pandemic put many in-person court proceedings on hold. Now the backload is enormous. Instead, consider legal mediation services as an alternative to family court. Legal mediation services are performed by a lawyer or a trained mediator. In the mediation process, both sides get to have a say and be a part of the resolution process. That can make it easier to deal with the outcome of legal mediation services versus a court-ordered decision. Call us if you are in need of legal mediation or have a family law matter. We are here to help. 

What Does a Divorce Mediator Do?

Just as the name implies, a divorce mediator helps couples who are separating reach an agreement on a variety of issues such as co-parenting, division of property, sale of the family home and what to do with investments and other assets. A divorce mediator does more than just listen and monitor the negotiation. Divorce mediators are highly skilled at guiding you through the 5 stages of mediation, avoiding the pitfalls and reaching a fair and equitable resolution that everyone agrees on. Get in touch today to find out how a divorce mediator can help you. 

Choosing a Family Law Attorney Near Me

When you are experiencing family law matters choosing a family law attorney near me is an important decision. Find a family law attorney near me who is committed to listening to your situation and who will treat you with compassion and understanding. Your family lawyer may make recommendations on how to resolve your case, whether family court is necessary or whether family mediation is an option to explore. Call us or book a consultation through the form on our website to get started with a variety of family law issues ranging from estate planning, separation and divorce, fertility law and reproductive technologies.

Kelly D Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto

There are so many family law firms in Toronto that it can be difficult to choose. Kelly D. Jordan Family law firm takes pride in offering creative and compassionate solutions to your family law needs. Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm specializes in all aspects of family law, including divorce, parenting, spousal support, child support, fertility law, surrogacy law, wills and estates. If you are looking for a resourceful and talented family lawyer, divorce mediator or legal team to support your case, call 416-849-5501 to book a consultation. You can even get started online to get answers to some common questions and provide us with background information to start learning about your case. 

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