When you need to find a family lawyer, you can contact Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm


When you need to find a family lawyer, you can contact Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

When you need to find a family lawyer, you want a lawyer with experience that you can trust. Family law is a complex legal area covering divorce and separation, child and spousal support, family justice services, and so much more. Kelly Jordan and her associates at Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto have decades of experience dealing with all matters of family law, and are committed to ongoing training and education in areas like family dispute mediation.

Family Dispute Mediation: Changes to Family Law

Family Law has been undergoing a substantial shift in Canada, modernizing and updating old laws to reflect today’s society. When you want to find a family lawyer, you’ll want a family law firm that is up to date on these changes. The Government of Canada website has great resources if you wish to find out more about changes to family law and how they affect your situation.

One of the key changes is in the area of family dispute mediation. The process of family dispute resolution has been added to the Divorce Act. Family dispute resolution (or family dispute mediation) describes a number of processes families can use to solve legal issues outside of the court. Negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and arbitration are all encouraged over lengthy and sometimes emotional court cases. 

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If you want to find a family lawyer or divorce mediator, please reach out to Kelly Jordan. Visit our Mediation page to book a free 10-minute phone call to find out more about our legal mediation services and determine if we are a good fit for your mediation needs.

Voted the Best Family Lawyer and Best in Family Dispute Mediation

Kelly Jordan and her association, Emma Katz have been recognized by Best Lawyers in Family Law. What does this mean? It means that they have been recognized by their professional peers for their contributions to the practice of family law. Lawyers need to maintain their status as Best Lawyer every year. Kelly Jordan has been recognized as a Best Lawyer in the area of Family law since 2010, and recently became recognized for her work in Family Law Mediation. Emma Katz became recognized as Best Lawyer in the area of family law this year.

A Family Law Firm in Toronto Handles More than Divorce

A busy family law firm in Toronto needs to guide and advise their clients on all manner of issues including spousal and child support, parenting agreements, marriage contracts (or prenuptial agreements). Plus, a caring family lawyer will provide advice to help parents talk to their children about divorce. Children react differently to the news their parents are separating or divorcing. And their understanding about divorce can vary depending on their age and maturity level. 

Fertility and Reproductive Law

How about if you are looking to start a family? There are many legal issues involved in adoption, sperm or egg donation and assisted reproduction technologies like IVF. In addition to being a recognized divorce lawyer and divorce mediator, Kelly Jordan is a fertility lawyer who can help you negotiate contracts to protect your rights during the fertility and reproduction process. So, reach out to Kelly Jordan if you need an IVF or Fertility Lawyer.

Find a Family Lawyer in Toronto: Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

As a former Chair of the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association Family Law Sections, Kelly Jordan is a recognized expert in all areas of family law. Her vast experience and creative approach to family law helps clients achieve their goals. Her compassion and expertise helps families through their stressful period towards building a new life.

When you need to find a family lawyer, contact Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto.

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