Co-Parenting and Parenting Plans – New Language for Separation and Divorce


Co-Parenting and Parenting Plans - New Language for Separation and Divorce

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With changes to the Divorce Act in 2021, some of the language used in family law changed, especially regarding children. The terms co-parenting and parenting time are now used to describe the splitting of time between parental households. These terms replace the use of the word custody. The idea is that co-parenting better reflects the fact that both parents share the responsibility of raising children, even if the children spend more time with one parent than the other. Parenting plans are written to set the ground rules for co-parenting. They can take some of the uncertainty out of the arrangement. Learn more about what information a strong parenting plan should include in making co-parenting run smoothly.

Create an Estate Plan for Child Support

No one wants to think about what might happen if you are no longer around to support your children. During a divorce, there are so many other considerations that thinking about this difficult topic is challenging. However, creating an estate plan that includes a plan for child support is extremely important. There is more than one way to create an estate plan that includes child support. You could consider a life insurance policy, or you can specify in your will that child support payments are made from your estate. If you pay child support and don't have provisions in your will, give us a call for help with estate planning to ensure that your children are provided for.

Choose a Family Attorney Near Me for Advice

There are many facets to separation agreements, parenting agreements, marriage agreements, and estate plans. Find a family attorney near me who can advise you on family law contracts and help you prepare these essential documents. A family law attorney near me can walk you through the steps of estate planning and can help you prepare a will that covers your assets in the most tax-friendly way. Call us if you are looking for a family lawyer near me and schedule a consultation.

Starting Your Family - IVF Lawyer

Many couples are turning to reproductive technologies to realize their dream of having a family. However, there are some legal pitfalls to know about when you consider sperm and egg donation, surrogacy, IVF, or adoption. In Canada, purchasing eggs and sperm is illegal, however there are certain expenses incurred during the IVF process that may be allowed as tax deductions to offset the cost. Get the advice of an IVF lawyer to be sure. An IVF lawyer can also help with the paperwork and ensure that your rights, as well as the rights of your future children, are protected. Find out more about reproductive law from an IVF lawyer. Contact us to get started.

Family Dispute Resolution with a Family Mediator

Divorce and other family law matters don't have to end up rolling through the family court system. In fact, it's recommended that family dispute resolution be used to settle divorce cases instead of litigation. There are many benefits to working with family mediation. Family dispute resolution most often ends up with a favourable outcome for everyone. It also tends to cost less and is much faster than family court. Learn more on our website, or book a consultation through our web form.

Kelly Jordan Family Law - Specializing in Family Law Mediation

Kelly Jordan Family Law specializes in family law mediation. Get in touch with Kelly and her team to determine whether family law mediation is the best course of action for your situation. Call (416) 849-5501 or contact Kelly Jordan Family Law today for family law matters, including estate planning and wills, separation agreements and divorce, property division disputes, spousal support mediation, and fertility law.

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