Divorce Mediation Lawyer – Kelly D. Jordan


Divorce Mediation Lawyer – Kelly D. Jordan

There are two reasons someone might search for a divorce mediation lawyer – they may be looking for a mediator to help negotiate their separation agreement, or they may be looking for a lawyer with the experience to help guide them through the mediation process and review the mediated agreement. In either case, reach out to the family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. More and more couples are turning to mediation and a divorce mediation lawyer to work through their divorce. Why? Because in general, when a divorce is mediated (vs. going to court), agreements are reached quicker, and the agreement is generally considered more fair by BOTH parties involved. Those are key benefits to choosing mediation for your divorce. Kelly Jordan is not only an exceptionally experienced and highly regarded family law specialist, she is also a qualified family law mediator. Kelly, and the entire family law team Emma Katz, Melissa Richa, and Kate Deveau, can help guide you through the mediation process, and help you move forward more confidently into your future. When you need a divorce mediation lawyer, contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm.

Experience, Expertise, Trust – What You Need in a Great Surrogacy Lawyer

Surrogacy law can be emotional and complex. There are many different parenting arrangements and many different types of surrogacy arrangements. For example, a mother may need a donor to provide sperm to conceive a child. This is called traditional surrogacy. In some cases, neither of the intended parents is able to provide the genetic material (sperm and egg) to create a child. In these instances, donated sperm and eggs can be used to conceive and the resulting child will have no genetic relationship to either a surrogate mother or the intended parents. This level of choice means more parents are able to have children than ever before. But both parents and donors need legal help to navigate these complex arrangements. We are more than divorce mediation lawyers. The family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm has extensive experience in fertility law and can help you create a fertility contract that covers the specifics of your unique situation. From the dos and don’ts of fertility law to the top 10 questions you should ask your fertility lawyer, we’ll help simplify the process of conceiving and help you and your family grow together. Book an appointment today to talk to one of our lawyers about surrogacy, IVF, fertility law, or adoption.

Who is the Best Divorce Lawyer?

Many clients going through a separation or divorce search the web for “best divorce lawyer.” Other common search terms include “family lawyer near me,” “divorce lawyer in Toronto,” or even “best family lawyer in Toronto.” They may also ask their friends who the best divorce lawyer is in their experience. If you Google Best Divorce Lawyer, you’ll find many results. Any lawyer claiming to be the best lawyer, however, is misrepresenting their qualifications. The truth is there’s no one best divorce lawyer or best family lawyer in Toronto, or even the best divorce mediation lawyer. You need to decide for yourself what “best” means. It can mean the family lawyer who wins a high percentage of cases in court. It could be a divorce mediation lawyer who understands both sides and helps you create a separation agreement with minimal family conflict. It could even simply be the family lawyer you can afford.

Regardless of the factors that make up the best family lawyer for you, we hope you’ll give the family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm a try. We pride ourselves on presenting creative and imaginative solutions to your family law matters. We understand that there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter family or a cookie-cutter separation. Divorce is hard on individuals and families. We work with you to reduce your stress, increase your confidence, and help you find the solution you need to move forward with your life. Start your family law matter online.

Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm – Divorce Mediation Lawyer, Negotiation, or Litigation

When experience counts, reach out to the lawyers at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. Find out why our clients trust us and give us rave reviews. You’ll find our team combines a practical approach, a compassionate manner, and a wealth of resources to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Contact us today.

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