Avoid the Courts and Opt for Mediation


Avoid the Courts and Opt for Mediation

Did you know that some divorce lawyers offer legal mediation services? A mediator can help you and your spouse reach a fair agreement regarding your assets, child support, and home.  For example, have you discussed who gets to keep furniture, art, vehicles and property? Using a meditator can help you work out the details of your separation agreement. Many attorneys would recommend mediation before litigation, and due to the changes in the Divorce Act, lawyers have to share all mediation options. If court mediation is appealing to you, book a free 10-minute call with Kelly D. Jordan, a divorce mediator in Toronto. 

What Does a Divorce Mediator Do? 

A divorce mediator helps you and your spouse work out the details of your divorce and avoid trial. Instead of having the courts decide your future, a divorce mediator acts as an unbiased third-party person that takes the time to listen to both sides. The role of a mediator is to act as a neutral person committed to helping both sides reach a fair agreement. In addition, both people will be able to negotiate and make their requests. Mediation is your chance to have open communication between you and your spouse without the pressure of a courtroom. To learn more about the benefits of mediation, read our blog post here. 

Do I Need a Fertility Lawyer?

If you're looking to grow your family and are considering adoption or assisted reproductive technology(ART), you should consult with a fertility lawyer. You'll want to talk to an expert attorney to ensure the rights of all parties are protected, especially your future children. A fertility lawyer works with straight couples, gay couples, and single people who all have one thing in common- growing their family. Since fertility rates are declining, more and more people are investing in ART. If you're looking for an IVF lawyer in Toronto, book a call with the family law firm of Kelly D. Jordan. Kelly can assist you with issues regarding reproduction technology including, donor and surrogacy agreements, birth registration, and more! 

Family Dispute Resolution 

Family dispute resolution is a new term in the Divorce Act that allows families to handle their family disputes outside of court. This process saves both parties time, money and the added stress of a courthouse.  There are a few family dispute resolution options including, mediation and arbitration. Kelly D. Jordan is an experienced family law mediator who can help your family resolve their disputes. With decades of experience helping families navigate divorce, Kelly understands how both sides are affected. Contact her today. 

How can I Receive Spousal Support? 

Did you put your career on hold when you got married to help your spouse advance theirs? Or were you at home taking care of your children instead of growing your career? If you answered "yes," you might be eligible to receive support from your ex-spouse. For example, you may potentially receive financial support if you were married, lived together for 3+ years or had a child together. Regardless of your circumstances, you can attempt to negotiate through a separation agreement. To learn more about your options, contact Kelly, a Toronto-based spousal support lawyer.

Family Law Firm In Toronto 

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Toronto? Kelly D. Jordan has years of experience navigating aspects of family law for a variety of clients. Kelly is an expert in all areas of family law including, cohabitation and marriage agreements, adoption, fertility and assisted reproduction, separation and divorce. If you're looking for an experienced family lawyer, contact Kelly today by booking a free call.

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