Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm: For Excellence in Legal Mediation Services


Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm: For Excellence in Legal Mediation Services

More people are turning to legal mediation services as a way to resolve legal disputes. The Law Offices of Kelly D. Jordan offers both family law services and family law mediation. Between 1999 – 2002, the government of Ontario piloted then put into place mandatory mediation in civil cases in Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor, then later expanded to all of Essex County. Why? Because mediation is proven on average to reduce costs, speed up the outcome of cases, and produce general satisfaction on the part of litigants and lawyers (Source Ontario Bar Association: Mandatory Mediation In Ontario: Taking Stock After 20 Years). In fact, legal mediation services were so beneficial that mandatory mediation was expanded to estate and trust disputes. Like civil cases, legal mediation services for estate and trust disputes freed up court time and provided quicker case resolutions. 

Legal Mediation Services for Family Dispute Resolution

It comes as no surprise, then, that in 2019, the Canadian Parliament updated the Divorce Act to include appropriate provisions for using legal mediation services for family dispute resolution. Under the changes, legal advisors have a duty to encourage clients to try to solve issues through a family dispute resolution process like mediation, where appropriate.

As a lawyer, Kelly Jordan believes in the mediation process. Kelly is an experienced family lawyer and family law mediator, who has seen the benefits of mediation over the years of her practice. She even feels mediation can be used in some high-conflict divorce cases, and even in cases involving family violence.

When you are looking for legal mediation services for your family law dispute like a separation, divorce, or parenting agreement issue, we encourage you to reach out to Kelly to see if she is the right mediator for your case. Want to know more? You can book a call with Kelly or start your case online.

Experienced Family Lawyers Who are On Your Side

While mediation may be recommended for your case, it’s also important to have a family law attorney on your side. They can provide legal advice and help ensure the agreements you reach represent your best interests and the interests of your family. In addition to Kelly, the legal team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm includes Associates Emma Katz, Melissa Richa, Clerk Maria Manno and Client Relations Specialist Michelle Whittaker. Both Kelly Jordan and Associate Emma Katz have been recognized as Best Lawyers in Family Law from respected peer review publication Best Lawyers, with Kelly also recognized for Family Law Mediation only three years after opening her mediation centre. If you want to 

Family Law – Divorce, Separation, Custody/Parenting Issues, Support and More

Family Law covers a wide area of expertise. And family law matters affect more than your life – they impact the lives of your family and friends as well. Whether you are looking to get married or form a common-law partnership, or if you are considering separation or divorce, when you have a family law concern, you want to work with someone you can trust. Someone who is knowledgeable about the law, and concerned about your case. It’s important that you get the right lawyer for you. You can contact us online to see if we are a fit for you, or call our offices at 647-277-5023.

Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm Can Also Advise on Wills/Estates and Fertility Law

Call it cradle to grave service. Kelly D. Jordan is also a recognized expert in areas of fertility law including surrogacy, sperm donation, IVF and other reproductive technologies. Kelly and the team can also help you draw up your will, and help you protect your legacy through estate and trust planning. If you need a lawyer for legal mediation services, to help guide you through your divorce, or to help plan your life through a marriage agreement, will, or trust, reach out to the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm today.

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