Family Law Firms Must Recommend Mediation


Family Law Firms Must Recommend Mediation

Family law firms in Canada have been recommending mediation for a long time because it leads to faster divorce settlements and is easier on the children and anyone else involved. However, until recently, family law firms had the choice of whether to suggest mediation to their clients. Early in 2021, changes to the divorce act made it mandatory for family law firms to inform clients of their options to settle their divorce cases through mediation. The hope is that if more divorcing families are aware of mediation and how to navigate the process that they may be more likely to do it. This would help take pressure off of the overcrowded court system. Also, it encourages more people to use a process that has been proven to result in more positive outcomes for the people involved. Call us, or book an appointment online for a consultation to find out more about family law mediation.

Find the Best Family Law Firm for You

The best family law firm is one where the legal and administrative staff make you feel comfortable and listen to your concerns before making a recommendation on the course of action. Depending on your situation, the best family law firm may recommend litigation in court for cases such as child protection, divorce involving abuse or threats, or other very serious issues. In other cases, such as disputes over family business matters, property division, wills and estates, the best family law firm may recommend mediation as a simpler and more expedited means of resolving your case. Whatever your situation, the best family law firm is the one that acts in your best interest. Call us for a consultation with one of our family lawyers and divorce mediators, and let's talk.

Divorce Lawyer in Toronto for Parenting Agreements

One of the most difficult parts of settling a divorce case can be the creation of a parenting agreement. A divorce lawyer in Toronto can help you understand parenting agreements and what they should contain. Typically the agreement contains essential decisions such as where the children will attend school and how much time they will spend with each parent. A divorce lawyer in Toronto can help you and your partner's attorney put together a fair parenting agreement that puts the interests and well-being of your children first while still being manageable for both of you.

Experiencing Family Violence - Call a Family Divorce Lawyer

If you experience any form of family violence in the course of your marriage, you should call a family divorce lawyer to help ensure that you and your children are safe. The Divorce Act in Canada recently updated and expanded the definitions of what is considered family violence. If you feel unsafe or are concerned for the safety of your children due to family violence, reach out to us today and let us help.

Resist the Urge to Self-Represent - Find a Family Lawyer Near Me

Self-representation—when people participate in a court case without a family lawyer near me to assist them is a growing trend in the Ontario family court system. Unfortunately, self-representation puts you at a disadvantage in your case for several reasons, not the least of which is that you may not be very familiar with the court process and rules. Court cases can be very expensive, which contributes to the problem of people self-representing. However, there are other options available such as legal aid and mediation. Kelly D. Jordan is a family lawyer near me in the Rosedale neighbourhood of Toronto. Call Kelly for a consultation at (416) 849-5501 about your family law or divorce case and get a Rosedale mediation lawyer on your side.

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