Searching for an IVF lawyer in Toronto


Searching for an IVF lawyer in Toronto

A fertility lawyer can help protect the rights of you and all people involved in the fertility process. In addition, a fertility lawyer protects the rights of couples who are using a third party to grow their family. For example, fertility law can include agreements with a surrogate, a sperm or egg donor or adoption. It's your lawyer's job to protect your rights and the rights of your future children. Find the right lawyer to help assist you in all legalities around assisted reproductive technologies (ART); choose Kelly D. Jordan, a trusted IVF lawyer in Toronto. 

Court Mediation

Kelly D. Jordan is a divorce mediator that offers legal mediation services. Did you know that mediation can save you time, money and help you avoid going to trial? Many couples are opting to use a mediator to help negotiate the terms of their divorce. In addition, using a mediator can help speed the process of a divorce up. Many couples are anxious to say goodbye to this part of their lives, making mediation a favourable option. Avoiding court can make divorce easier on everyone, including children. For example, the courtroom is often a stressful environment and can add even more resentment and anger between both parties. 

A family law mediator helps resolve issues based on parenting, finances, division of property, child support, spousal support and more. Ultimately, Kelly's goal is to help each party see eye to eye. Contact the law office of Kelly D. Jordan today. Book a free 10-minute phone call by filling out our online form. 

Searching for a Family Law Firm in Toronto

Are you looking for a family lawyer to help handle your family dispute? A lawyer's main job is to protect your rights and keep your best interest in mind throughout the entire process. Are you going through a divorce or separation and require an expert attorney? Choosing the right lawyer is often the first step when navigating this challenge. A divorce is an event that most people never think will happen to them or their marriage. However, 50% of marriages end in divorce and finding the right attorney can help make this experience more smooth. Contact the family law firm of Kelly D. Jordan, Toronto's leading divorce lawyer. 

What does a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto Do? 

A divorce lawyer handles many aspects of family law. Your lawyer's role is to help you reach an agreement with your spouse and prioritize your best interest. If it's possible to avoid litigation and come to a mutual unity through a separation agreement, your lawyer will work hard to help make this happen. If there's tension, but both parties are willing to consider using a meditator, this can save you both time and money. Due to the recent changes in the Divorce Act, your lawyer must share alternative options for mediation. Kelly D Jordan is a divorce lawyer in Toronto that can help you navigate this chapter of your life. Contact Kelly today. 

Spousal Support Lawyer

An expert attorney can help you work out the details of your separation agreement including, spousal support or alimony. After a divorce or separation, one spouse may have to pay the other spouse spousal support to help them financially. For example, the person who has a higher income is typically responsible for spousal support payments. To receive alimony, you must be able to prove that you are unable to fully support yourself (due to the circumstances of your marriage). For example, if you were taking care of your children and could not build a career, you may be eligible for spousal support. Contact the law office of Kelly D. Jordan today!

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