Find the Best Outcome in your Divorce with Marriage Mediation


Find the Best Outcome in your Divorce with Marriage Mediation

If you’re considering divorce, have you considered marriage mediation with a family law mediator? A few decades ago, movies like Kramer vs. Kramer and the First Wives Club, plus countless television comedies and dramas since then showed divorce and post-separation life as one of antagonism and litigation. But the reality is that while some relationships become very toxic, others end quietly and with agreement; both parties want to end their relationship with as much agreement, and as little drama as possible.

Regardless of how much you agree on the key issues around your separation, you may wish to consider marriage mediation. Marriage mediation is not marriage counselling. Marriage mediation is a process where two people meet and discuss the practicalities of ending their marriage – parenting time and a parenting plan, child support, property division – and come to an agreement to help them both move forward. 

For Legal Mediation Services, Kelly Jordan Family Law Mediator

Marriage mediation is led by a family law mediator who is trained to guide conversations. Kelly Jordan, Principal of the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm is an accredited family law mediator. The role of the family law mediator is not to take sides. Rather, the family law mediator helps couples settle disputes outside of court, finding solutions in the best interests of both parties – and their family. Studies have shown that mediation can be a powerful tool. Outcomes are generally settled quicker and less expensively than through courts. And more importantly, legal mediation services allow the two people who are separating to talk face to face about family issues, and understand where they agree and where they differ.

Mediation is not just for couples who agree. Mediation can be a helpful tool for couples who disagree on most issues. It can even be used (with caution) in cases where family violence is an issue. Many mediators feel that the marriage mediation process can help empower victims of family violence.

Marriage Mediation / Separation Mediation

A family law mediator is not just helpful for married couples who are divorcing. Couples who are ending their common-law partnership (Cohabitation) can benefit from separation mediation. Separation mediation is the same process as marriage mediation. Both deal with similar issues – child custody, support and division of property. It can be helpful for two people who are separating to face these issues together through separation mediation with the help of a family law mediator.

Family Dispute Resolution

Family law mediation – including separation mediation and marriage mediation – is not the only option for family dispute resolution. You can choose to come to an information agreement (verbal or written), create your own Separation Agreement, choose to negotiate with lawyers or even have your family dispute resolution issues go to arbitration. Regardless of the path you choose, it may be necessary to go to court to resolve your issues. While that is a last resort in many cases, it can be necessary. If you need to go to court, you can count on the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law team to provide you with sound legal advice, and to protect your interests in the negotiation boardroom or the courtroom. 

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If you live in Toronto, or the Greater Toronto Area and are searching for “family lawyers near me,” we hope you’ll find and choose the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. Our goal is to use our expertise and experience to craft unique, creative and legally-sound solutions to all your family law matters. Whether you are looking for “marriage mediation” or “divorce lawyer Toronto”, we offer a complete range of family law services. From legal support for your separation or divorce, to fertility, surrogacy, adoption wills and estates. We are a complete family law firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best outcomes to their cases. Contact us today.

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