The Benefits of Mediation in Divorce


Tips on Creating Your Parenting Plan

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Co-parenting after a divorce requires planning, patience and cooperation to ensure that you always do what's best for your children. Creating a parenting plan during the separation process is essential to getting everyone on the same page. Your parenting plan should cover several important areas, such as living arrangements and parenting philosophy. A parenting plan should also anticipate the need to make changes in the future and specify how those will be handled. Parenting plans are written to take some of the uncertainty and guesswork out of co-parenting so that you are both able to meet your kids' needs without misunderstandings and disputes. Find out more about what to include in your parenting plan in our blog.

Consider Family Dispute Resolution Instead of Court

When marriages break down, disagreements over co-parenting escalate, or other family matters become an issue, consider family dispute resolution. Family dispute resolution is a better option than going to court for several reasons. First, family dispute resolution often results in an agreement faster than a court case can make it through the family law system. Family dispute resolution costs less because you don't have to pay court fees and additional time for lawyers. Call a family law firm that specializes in family and divorce mediation to get started, or learn more about the benefits of mediation in our blogs.

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Kelly Jordan Family Law is located in the Rosedale area of Toronto and has been helping clients with family mediation and family law matters for more than two decades. Call Kelly Jordan Family Law for a consultation on any family law matter, including separation and divorce, property division, wills and estate planning, and fertility law. Use our online intake form to get started, and tell us more information about your concern.

Choosing a Family Attorney Near Me

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a family attorney near me. Perhaps you are considering a separation or divorce or need to prepare a will. Family attorneys near me can also help you create an estate plan or mediate a dispute over the division of property and assets after an inheritance. Family attorneys can represent you in family court so that you can avoid representing yourself in court. Not sure whether a family attorney near me can help? Give us a call, and let's talk about your situation. We promise to listen and work towards resolving your situation with our extensive experience and creative legal solutions.

Considering a Family - an IVF Lawyer Can Help

Starting or growing a family isn't as easy for some couples as it is for others. If you are considering using assisted reproductive technologies such as adoption, sperm donation, egg donation or IVF, you need to know your rights and responsibilities. Fertility law is a relatively complex area of family law, and having the help of an IVF lawyer can make things much easier. IVF lawyers can ensure that your rights and those of your future children are protected. An IVF lawyer can also help with settling surrogacy agreements that protect the best interests of all participants. Our recent blog on the subject of fertility law includes more details on how an IVF lawyer can help.

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Kelly D. Jordan is recognized as a specialist in all areas of family law, including fertility law. If you are thinking about IVF, adoption, gamete donation, or surrogacy, get in touch with one of the best lawyers for family law in Toronto. Call (416) 849-5501 or start the intake process on our website. We are here to help!

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