Experience, Caring, Excellence – Kelly Jordan, Family Law Mediator in Toronto


Experience, Caring, Excellence – Kelly Jordan, Family Law Mediator in Toronto

When you are looking for a family law mediator in Toronto, you are looking for someone who cares about finding a satisfactory outcome for all parties. You want a family law mediator in Toronto who is experienced, caring, and able to help both parties uncover creative solutions to their disputes. As a family law mediator in Toronto, Kelly Jordan uses her years of legal expertise and family law experience to present solutions that satisfy both parties.

Kelly and the team of family lawyers at Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm in Toronto believe in the benefits of mediation as the better dispute resolution method for families involved in separation or divorce. Kelly has decades of experience helping families cope with divorce, and the ensuing emotional trauma. She has seen how litigation can sometimes bring out the worst in a situation, while in many cases, family law mediation can lead to more satisfactory outcomes for all parties. If you’re interested in family law mediation in Toronto, contact the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Office. We’re conveniently located at 1802-365 Bloor St. East in Toronto, with easy access from the Don Valley Parkway or Mount Pleasant Road, and a short walk away from stops on both the Yonge Line and Bloor Line subway stops.

Looking for a Qualified Family Law Mediator in Toronto?

There are many qualified family law mediators in Toronto. Both qualified lawyers and trained non-lawyers (like social workers and psychologists) can mediate family law disputes. Family law mediators need accreditation with a recognized organization like the Ontario Association of Family Mediation.

As an experienced lawyer with over two decades of experience in family law, estate planning, wills and powers of attorney and reproductive / fertility law, Kelly has seen it all. She is also the former Chair of the Canadian Bar Association and the Ontario Bar Association Family Law Sections, making her uniquely qualified as a family law mediator in Toronto.

Because experience counts when you’re choosing a divorce lawyer or mediator, Kelly and her Associate Emma Katz have also been recognized as Best Lawyer in Family Law by Best Lawyers, a peer-review publication for the legal profession. And this year, Kelly was also recognized as Best in Family Law Mediation. You can get started on your mediation case online using our convenient tool.

Let’s Dispel Some Myths about Mediation

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and myths about mediation. In fact, we wrote a whole blog about it.

Here are some of things you may want to know when you’re looking for a family law mediator Toronto:

  • >Mediation is not just for simple cases. If that was true, there’d be very little business for a family law mediator in Toronto. Divorce is rarely simple, and every case has its own complexity. Family law mediation offers both spouses a chance to have their say and present their opinions and evidence.
  • >Mediation can be used in high net worth divorces. In fact, mediation can be the better option for a divorce with high financial implications, as the financial disclosures don’t necessarily have to be revealed in public documentation during private mediation.
  • >Mediation can be used in cases involving family violence. Many mediators see out-of-court alternative dispute resolution as providing benefits to family members and providing solid long-term solutions, even in cases with family violence as a factor.

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A Full-Service Family Law Firm

In addition to family law mediation, the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm offers full services including wills, estate planning, trusts, parenting agreements, marriage, separation and divorce, and fertility and reproductive law. A wealth of experience and expertise under one roof. If you are getting divorced, want to create a prenuptial agreement, will, or have any other family law matter you wish to discuss, contact us today!

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