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How to Find the Best Family Law Lawyer for You

When you have a family law matter, you want to find the best family law lawyer for you. Family Law covers a wide area of responsibilities from adoption to marriage agreements to separation and divorce and everything in between. The best Family Law lawyer is one who has experience in the specific aspects of your case, who will advise you on your rights and responsibilities, and who will work closely with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

8 Considerations to Help You Choose the Best Family Law Lawyer 

Here’s what you should look for when you are searching for the best family law lawyer for your case:

  • What is your Lawyer’s Experience?

Does your lawyer have the right experience for your case? For example, if you are anticipating a complex divorce, you want an attorney who has enough experience to anticipate and manage the twists and turns these cases can take. If you are looking into adoption, you want a family attorney who is familiar with similar adoption cases.

  • What is your Lawyer’s Approach?

Some lawyers love going to court. Others prefer a more conciliatory approach. If you’re expecting your ex-partner to “lawyer up,” the best family law lawyer might be one with experience fighting it out in court. But if you wish for an amicable divorce, a lawyer more experienced in mediation and negotiation might be right for you.

  • How Big is the Law Firm?

The bigger the law firm, the more varied experience your family law lawyer is able to draw from. If your divorce is complex, involves high-value property and assets, you may wish to choose a larger firm to ensure they have the resources to handle your case. On the other hand, a solo-practitioner or mid-sized firm may be more dedicated to your individual case – you’ll be a bigger fish in their roster of clients.

  • What are their Costs?

Are their hourly fees reasonable and within your budget? You can ask your lawyer up front about their fees. They may also have payment terms, like up-front fees, or they may even offer payment plans. When considering cost, however, remember that you get what you pay for. The lawyer who bills the least per hour may also be less experienced and take more time resolving your case/ This means final costs could be equal or greater than the experienced lawyer who charges more per hour.

  • Do they Have Experience with Mediation?

If you are considering mediation, you may also feel you don’t need a lawyer. However, it is advisable to have a family lawyer with you before and during mediation, or at the very minimum to review your agreement before it is signed. While mediation is designed to create an equitable solution for all parties, your lawyer will work for YOU, and ensure your best interests are protected. If this is your approach, look for a family attorney experience in cases involving negotiation and mediation.

  • Do they Have Experience Representing Clients in Court?

Conversely, if your dispute is going to family law court, you’ll want an attorney who has argued cases in court, can guide you through the procedures, and help ensure you understand each step of what can be a confusing process.

  • Ask Family and Friends for References

Crowdsource your decision! Ask your family and friends if they have had good experiences with family law lawyers. If you’re comfortable using social media, it’s a great place to collect feedback both good and bad. Keep in mind, though, your perspective and approach may not mirror their experience. So be sure to filter both good and bad comments through your unique lens.

  • Book a Consultation

The first step is to book a consultation where they  will listen to the details of your case, and you can learn a bit about their experience and approach. This is often the most important meeting with your lawyer and you may want to consider a consultation with more than one lawyer.  Make sure you’re prepared with the details, as well as a list of questions for your lawyer. Focus on your top concerns, explain what you want to achieve, and ask them about your chances based on the information you provide. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible for a lawyer to be fully confident in the outcome, but how they answer your questions can give you a good sense of their experience.

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