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Parental Alienation Lawyer: Parental Alienation and Ontario Family Law

A parental alienation lawyer is a family lawyer with experience in parental alienation cases.

Parental alienation is when one parent or caregiver engages in speech or actions that damage a child’s relationship with the other parent.

Examples of parental alienation can include:

  • Constant negative comments – belittling the other parent or making regular negative comments about the other parent in front of the child.
  • Undermining decisions – openly criticizing the other parent’s decisions or advising children to disobey the targeted parent.
  • Making false allegations – falsely accusing the other parent of abuse or misconduct.
  • Forcing children to take sides.
  • Withholding visitation / limiting contact with the other parent.
  • Using emotional blackmail to sway a child’s opinion or perception of the other parent.

The Negative Consequences

Parental alienation is more than making a harsh comment when you’re having a bad day. While some “bad blood” is typical in a separation or divorce, parental alienation goes beyond the odd comment when you are frustrated.

In family law, the ideal parenting situation is when both continue to have supportive and healthy family-child relationships. Parental alienation can be considered a form of child abuse. Child psychologists and social workers often note that children who are victims of parental alienation can experience mental health struggles and poor parental relationships into adulthood.

In addition, it can create overwhelming stress and anxiety in the parent who is the target of the alienation.

When might you need to talk to a parental alienation lawyer?

Parenting and parental alienation is a very complex family law issue. An important principle in family law is that children should not be drawn into their parents’ conflict. If you are concerned that your former partner or a related family member is interfering with the relationship between you and your child, you may wish to contact a parental alienation lawyer.

Advice from a parental alienation lawyer:

  1. Document everything – save emails, texts, and phone messages. Make notes about people who can corroborate your observations.
  2. Seek professional help – You can get help from a parental alienation lawyer/family lawyer, family law mediator, and/or family therapist experienced with parental alienation.
  3. Try to stay calm – avoid striking back at the other parent or engaging in arguments or confrontation.
  4. Maintain a stable environment for your child/children – spend quality time with your children. This will not only help dispel the negative impressions they are receiving outside your home, but it can also improve your own mental health.
  5. Continue to follow any court orders or guidelines – continue to follow stipulations in your parenting agreement regarding parenting responsibilities and parenting time, as long as it is safe for your child/children to show that you are committed to maintaining good parental relationships.

Concerned About Parental Alienation? Contact the Family Law Team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

If you believe you and your children are experiencing parental alienation, or if you have been accused of parental alienation, contact the family law team at the Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm. With decades of experience in family law, you can count on us to help navigate this complex challenge and represent your rights in court. Contact us today to consult on your case.

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